Back In Designing Mode – What Do You Want Us To Create?

Back In Designing Mode – What Do You Want Us To Create?

We are back in design mode 😉 Mum and I have started to take pictures and put together themes for the new year to get out some great new products. We have been thinking of country specific kits – something like our Route 66 or American Country, which you all have loved a lot. We now thought of South America, Vintage Paris and a Rainforest Kit and I can tell you, seeing all these beautiful colors really got me in designing mood. But more important than what we think might be nice is what you would like to see?

I’d be really thankful if you leave a comment (or two ;-)) with things you are looking for. What are you looking for and did not find? What have you seen what you like but prefer another style? Link me up in the comments. I’m here to create the kits for YOU and I really would love to design for your needs. Before I close this note I also want to let you know that we have a fantastic new collaboration kit at Digidesignresort, called Vintage Traveling. I’m really in love with the kit as it fits perfectly to my Vintage Fantasy Collection but beside that it is FREE (just today left) with purchase of $20.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?


And one of my favorite layouts:


So if you plan spending money on scrapbooking anyway, you might like to choose something from Digidesignresort because it will save you over 50% (the kit is priced with $12).

Hope you enjoy the deal and let me know what I can design for you :-)

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  1. I really like stacked papers, but I wish they were in layers with the clustering was on a separate layer. I like to tuck my pictures under the clusters, edges and so forth. Sometimes, if I really like the paper, I will buy and try to extract or maneuver duplicate layers around to get the effect I want. Most of the time I just won’t bother to buy. I would like some dog and cat kits. I have seen a few, but they are either ‘cutesie’ or cartoon-like. I would like to see some with realistic dishes, food (kibble, bones, chews, etc), toys, beds and blankies, and such. If you have a cat you know that sacks and blankets are favorite hiding places to peep or pounce out from. Hope this has given you some ideas.

  2. antonia macedo says:

    hi lynn,

    i would really like to see some smiley face kits…they are far and few between in the digital scrapbook world.
    kind regards

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