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Dear friends,

I know I’ve been quiet lately. I hope you missed me 😉 I promise that this will change now, actually I already got out a nice new product “Vintage Paris Tags“.

But I’m truly excited today because we finally have opened the doors of the Affiliate Marketing Lab. Mum and I have been working on it for now 5(!) months! And wow, was that a journey. I can tell you, it’s a BIG moment for us. It has been a ride – from super motivation to struggle to simple exhaustion. But now, we are done and we want to celebrate this moment with you.

We are far away from being ready but we have just opened the doors for our first members! I really hope we can start working with them just this weekend – it’s so exciting to have someone joining who actually want to change her life. And it’s even more exciting to be part of it. As a former teacher I must confess that I miss teaching a lot. I miss my students, I miss when they share their struggles and successes with me and that definitely was another reason for opening the Affiliate Marketing Lab – I finally have some students back I can help succeed.

I don’t want to bother you with this if you are not interested in anything business like so I will keep that short. But IF you are interested please feel free to check out the Affiliate Marketing Lab here.

Oh yes, of course – the Vintage Paris Tags are on SALE 😀


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