Artist Studio Designer DVD $20 off

Artist Studio Designer DVD $20 off

I hope you are enjoying spring. I think spring is the best season ever, I love when everything starts to wake up from a long sleep, flowers open their blossoms and the trees are full of green leaves! It looks like they are warming up for something BIG. Right now, there are a lot of new things going on in our lives and I totally enjoy it. Mum and I finally got the new site ready. As many of you may know already we built last year TheAffiliateMarketingLab but many people simply found the name scary. After some debating with mum, we moved the whole site to a new domain, changed links, did a new branding – well, it was much more work than we ever considered BUT I really like the new site:


Because that is actually  how we feel – we love Mondays since we do work we love and I know many of you want that as well. We do a personal, honest and in-dept business training helping you to start your own business. No hype, no b***s, no get-rich-quick promise. It’s more giving you a helping hand while walking on a path we already did. Hopefully we get you around some obstacles we faced because of our experience. And we show you in depth how this all works.

Anyway, that is not the reason why I write you today 😉

I thought I also let you know that we have a VERY special offer at Digidesignresort – no matter if you are a scrapper, a soon-to-be-designer, or a designer – you’ll love that.

We have set our Artist Studio Designer DVD, usually available for $69.95 to amazing $49.95 – YES, you save $20.

Digital Scrapbooking Collection

As you can imagine, it won’t last long, especially since we have ALL Commercial Use Grabbags from 2011 included. This means not just 100s of elements and papers but additionally tons of papers and elements from the Resort Designers. You won’t find any better value for your money! If you plan to create your own elements and papers from these – be happy because there are also a bunch of video tutorials included 😀

Here are all included videos

  • Finding Inspiration
  • Clustering – making elements
  • Create solid Papers with Textures
  • Basic Extraction in Photoshop with the Pen Tool
  • Make your own templates and add realistic shadows
  • Recolouring Elements
  • Creating your own Overlays
  • Use CU papers and overlays to make a new paper with multiple colors
  • Make your own gradient papers with textures
  • Make shapes from your own premade elements
  • Make your own Scenery Papers
  • Making your first element in Photoshop
  • Install and apply styles in Photoshop
  • Organize palettes and rulers in Photoshop
  • Write in a Path

Anyway, that’s it for today. I really hope you take advantage of these great offers. If you want to start your designer business – LivingForMondays and our Designer DVD are your way to go. Personal coaching for BEST value.

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