About Us

My name is Monja. I live in a small town in Germany near Dortmund. Until June, 30th 2011 I work as a private lesson teacher in my own private lessons agency and I really loved my job but after six years I found it necessary to find some new adventures. So my Mum and I decided to work online full-time. I’m a teacher for German, English and Arts but because I have loved web design, multimedia and design ever since I’ve decided to study Multimediadesign in 2005. I’ve graduated in 2007.

I’ve discovered digital scrapbooking at the beginning of 2001. I saw fantastic layouts and I thought that I wanted my own site one day. It needed 5 more years to get me started.
Although I´ve owned the domain digitalscrapbooking.de I never found time to set up my site nor did I knew how to do it.

The more I got addicted to digital scrapbooking, the more friends I found in the community.

My husband and I have had three cats, my sweet Maxi (he is on the picture with me) and cute little Miny I’ve found last year. When I found her she was just 6-8 weeks old and very thin. After a bit of jealousy Maxi and her got friends. When Maxi died in 2010 Miny nearly died as well – she was so sad to be without him. So I decided that it was time to get her a new friend. Our little Flo. When Flo arrived he was about 8 weeks old and the cutest little cat ever but he fast got the nick name “Terror Cat” – I can’t count what he did to our home and is still doing to Miny although he got much nicer. 

Except webdesign and digital scrapbooking I love reading, walking, internet marketing, my friends and family :-)

In 2010 I was lucky enough to have my mum joining Mistica Designs and my work on the other websites. Together we have really accomplished a lot in the last two years. So Mistica Designs is no longer just me, it’s my Mum and I. She does an awesome job extracting elements, making clusters and in general doing some design work with me. Each kit you find here is created with lots of love.

We have several websites:

Digidesignresort (a huge digital scrapbooking website with many designers)

TheMacMania (a site about Apple’s famous products – the Mac, the iPad and iPhone with lots of tips, tricks and tutorials)

Webbusinesstoolbox (a site about Internet Marketing and Social Media)

TheAffiliateMarketingLab (a site about Internet Marketing and product reviews)

Scrapideen (the German digital scrapbooking site)

MaxiandFriends (a German site with tons of recipes, lifestyle tips and more)

FragBuddha (a German site about being happy)

Hundenest (a German site, all about dogs)

and one where we will teach you everything you need to know about making money online – The AffiliateMarketingLab – in German and English