We are often asked what we are using: camera, lenses, computer, programs, etc. Because of that we decided to put a list together and show you exactly what we use for designing. Please don’t take these tools for granted: if you have others they are fine as well, this is just our equipment. If you are looking for something special this might help you though choosing the best you can get for your money. We usually link to Amazon because there you can get your stuff very cheap, and, even more important, if you have any problems they are great helping you. That’s why I usually order on Amazon, even if I might find a place where I could save $5 more. In this list, we use Affiliate links and we get a small commission when you purchase over our links. If you do – it is greatly appreciated because with this you support us paying our bills. Please note – this is at NO cost for you and also hasn’t any other disadvantage for you, Amazon just pays us a commission for those we refer to them. If you are just looking around – of course, no hard feelings if you don’t use our Affiliate links, we are happy to give you our freebies, advice, and tutorials at no charge :-)

Camera Equipment

camera equipmentCanon EOS 350 D – it is an old DSLR camera but still very good quality and does its job. Today I would still buy a Canon because I have all the lenses for Canon. So I would get the Canon EOS 60D. It is a bit more expensive but when you take pictures for sale you need to have a great camera for quality purposes. I also have several lenses. I have a standard equipment, means I have a Macro Lens for close-ups, a “normal”, 50mm lens and a zoom lens. I have a few others but actually that is all I need. I did not get them all at once – actually these are birthday and christmas presents and I got my camera when I married my husband in 2005, so it was his present to me. I know lenses are expensive. So if I had to choose I would get the macro lens. Cameras change all the time but your lenses will be “there” for years to come so I’d rather invest in one GREAT lens and a good camera than an OK lens. The larger the aperture value, the smaller the lens opening allowing less light to enter the camera.

As I said in a previous article I also got a fan of bridge cameras. So if you enjoy photography and even if you do for commercial purposes, you get a great bridge camera and you can also take photos for your own digital scrapbooking kits. You can find Carena’s Camera here.

If you need a camera bag as well, you can see mine here. I love it because it has a lot of boxes for lenses and equipment.


Maybe you read about it on my other site – I’m a Mac fan. Of course you don’t need a Mac to design properly, that’s just what I have and I really love the stuff because it just works. I have a Macbook Pro (it links to the one with Retina Display, but I don’t have one with) I can carry with me wherever I go and when I’m at home I plug it into my Thunderbolt Display. I know, this is most probably one of the most expensive set ups you can have but I have it now for 1.5 years and I just love it. I guess I won’t have to replace anything for the next 3 years and then it was money well spend. Before I turned into a Mac fan I usually had to get a new computer after 2-2.5 years – because the old one had no longer the needed performance. So I’m happy that I’m done with that now and that I’m able to have both – a very comfortable work space and a computer I can take with me – all in one. Sure you don’t need it, any computer is fine just make sure it has a lot of RAM because scrapbooking requires large files. I also have a Bluetooth keyboard and a Samson Microphone to record my videos. Beside that, two external hard drives are plugged into my computer to store files. My Time Capsule is downstairs, connected to the router, to back up my entire computer. I also have a Sennheiser Headphone when editing my recordings. I took a photo for you from my office upstairs (not downstairs at my Mum’s home where we usually work). My Macbook is on a stand because of my cats – I don’t want them to crawl behind the display 😉


For designing, I mostly use Photoshop CS5. There is a new version available and there will be every year but actually you can use the oldest Photoshop ever to do your designing. You can also use Photoshop Elements but this will limit you in what you can do. I use Photoshop also for any other image editing purposes for my websites. To record videos for you, I usually switch to Photoshop Elements 10. It contains all you need for digital scrapbooking. Photoshop CS is just interesting if you want to design.

Ok, that’s it :-) But when you look at my equipment, don’t forget – I have a business and need most probably more than you will.