Terms Of Use (CU)

The graphic files contained in this e-file are the product of Monja Wessel and Angelika Brunke. The single individual Purchaser (meaning, the individual who actually bought the product) may use, copy and modify these files for their own small business use.

These files – which are to be considered a design tool rather than a final design product and are licensed to the purchaser’s computer only and are not to be shared, loaned, rented, resold, distributed, transferred, or posted across a bulletin board, network, modem, Internet or web page in their original form. The purchaser has a license to create derivative designs using these files – but is not licensed to re-distribute them in their original format.


  • Make papers that you will sell to consumers or retailers themselves.
  • Make a gift certificate for a company that the company the work is being done on a contractual basis in which the fore-mentioned company will not profit from through selling any form of the design work and for which the design rights to the gift certificate will not be turned over to the company permanently.


  • Make papers that the you will turn over to a manufacturer to sell to retailers.
  • Make a gift certificate and then turn the design permanently over to another company.
  • Distribute the products directly to consumers.

The key questions about the terms of this license agreement include:

Who will be profiting from the design work?

Who will retain the rights to the resulting design work?

Is the individual obtaining the product a single designer working for herself/himself?

If the answers lead back to the purchaser being a single designer, who is profiting directly, and is retaining all of the rights to the resulting designs, then the licenses are being used correctly.

Do not make copies of these files on any electronic or physical medium (including CDs, diskettes, or other storage medium) for reasons other than back-up purposes. Do not share these products with anyone. Do not purchase these products as gifts for anyone. They MUST be purchased by the individual designer who will be using them or it will be considered that the individual using the designs has broken the copyright.

If a company, partnership, LLC, or corporation is interested in obtaining commercial licensing for this product, please contact me and appropriate terms will be negotiated.

If you use this product in an unauthorized commercial manner you will be liable for liquidated damages of $5,000 and all attorney’s costs and fees.

If you have any questions about this copyright statement or wish to personally contact us, go here.


  •  use our designs for any harmful, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, immoral or racial material
  • upload our designs to any webpage for download, send them through Google, Yahoo or other “list” groups
  • Make “Quickpages” or templates from our designs and offer them for sale or free under any circumstances.

We hope these additional flexible terms assist you in growing your home based business. Should you have any additional questions on my terms or if you need clarification on anything, please contact us here.